I nearly heard the universe’s love from the Christmas lights

by maddrunkgenius

‘I’m going off the grid, man.’
——He wants telekinesis forever but flight for a day.
One little, one middle, one big.

Everything really good. Even the parts I forgot.

The thoughts came too quickly to repeat but some were real good ones.

Swish swish swish thoughts, through & around they go.

The 21st Century Lavalamp: On YouTube.

The shapes are the secret, eternal-ever hanging. Energy & reduction, making one, shaping the other.

The consciousness rolling around inside of itself, never grasping the outside flap without opening onto itself again.

Everything beautiful. Everything, even the regrets.

Time soars by & is savored more in the state, a selfish person stretching its life out. Weeping & gnashing of teeth at a new wearer.

No nearer but never fear. We’ll get the homeland in a year.

Beautiful lighted technology, magic or the like to my understanding.

My memory added sparkles round the screen where in shroom truth none were seen.

I forgot how much I liked the rhyming thing. And it’s not as sad to go missing.

Heater humming mechanical, water dripping steady in aggregation, musical patterns hitting ear.

I feel like the pillow & more such.

These are always secret notes to me.

Each one thinks its the only eternity.

What speed does life happen at? Does it have to?

There are too many of the wonderfuls to document. I need to let them grow.

‘It’s like I’m being able to stay awake for a dream.’

I don’t have much time. I’d rather go back down there. Acceptance stuff, deep guilt washing away.

Lucid dreaming on shrooms sounds awesome, or redundant.