Everyone ages & tempers their vices or gets consumed by them

by maddrunkgenius

The man with half an ear gave directions to the drunk who thought he was on the No. 16.
——I’m a drinker with a writing problem.
Everyone ages & tempers their vices or gets consumed by them.
——Wants jealous are, & if not tamed can stand being second to nothing.
The dog runs everywhere; the girl places beads upon clothed male really in
unknowing mockery of the silly custom.

——The car w/o lights on hid was by the bus.
A hate cycle, apoplectic, unending. Failure, horrible, absolute.
——Fuck all the elbow rubbing; just let me eat.
The back slap was a familiar one, but I do not know him.

——Collect all the stimuli you can—dont just receive them: hold on to them.
‘I have a child… in Indonesia.’
——’Well, you know Jesus is a fire-crotch.’
‘Sodomy is still illegal in Texas.’ ‘♫ Good thing we’re not in Texas. ♫’
——The harvest moon is no closer to earth than any other, except in yr heart.
i may have fantasized an idea into memory.
——Young people are beautiful b/c youth is epigenetically beautiful. 
(‘Are they sisters or am I just drunk?’)
——A time & place. Place, time. Mental state.
The music overhead seems needless but fills random silences comfortably.
——♫The best part of waking up is a tongue punch in your butt.♫
‘What if Jesus was an acid freak? “I feel like Jesus Christ.” “You are.” ‘
——Cue 30 minutes discussing Jesus, God & Mary’s sex life.
——’But did the infant Jesus say, “It seemed smaller going in” ?’