But really, I didnt like it much in the morning

by maddrunkgenius

*I wonder whether sober me will prefer it in the morning, of if C2H6O Me will prefer its tendriled self

consciousness is an illfitting narrative on reality
tailored to fit snug on your experience only

everything is equally better and worse, completely confusing & completely understood

Intense in the swings from one to the other without gradiation
the pieces like the discrete bits of life as reality really is before smoothed over with forget

you steal time from the sun & give yourself forevers
That’s the dreamy thief favorite & hated among all man

Law is time reasserted

Weed seems to break my thoughts more than the others

I forget the past at benefit of the present & cost of the future

When swallowed she loves it, but when regurgitated she hates it
When swallowed she hates it, but when regurgitated she loves it
One of the two is a morality lesson
Or both are

Each line string to reverberate on its own in the dark

Your understanding is always most imperfect when it seems complete

I’m a hermit in my mind for time like stepping into a wardrobe & years later back from Narnia

So happy with the within, not understand how much the without sacrificed for its enjoyment

I would be either thing without her

I’m imagining myself in places that don’t exist, like a bubble of void into voic|

the world is large & we’re powerless in it

Was there ever a time I wasnt high? Not for this me I guess

We’re all James Bond played by a variety of different actors pretending to acknowledging prior continuity

Everything is simultaneously clever & obvious in possibility

I dont know what I’d prefer, if I could plan a bubble to catch this so-called protrusion

Math is the least inappropriate metaphor of the universe we have