What did I learn

by maddrunkgenius

‘I’m sad we wont get to see the leaves tonite.’
‘They’ll still be there & be beautiful tomorrow.’
‘But they wont be beautiful in the same way.’

‘You wanna go for a walk later?’
‘I aint necessarily opposed to it, but I aint inclined just yet.’

Such a terribly big thing. I had to thank whatever spirits & pray I would absorb its magic by putting it inside me.

The air already comes more cleanly thru my nostrils. Already i want to approach everything in life more positively, more certain that I can achieve things & if I don’t, so what? That’s living. Nothing was ever guaranteed to be successful or stupidly good. I just want to do the things I like doing, and make sure that means I’m actually doing them.

There’s time enough for everything you’re to do.

That means keeping care of your body. Make a dentist appointment.

——She makes me as happy as I’ve ever been, but I dont
——love her.
She makes me as happy as I’ve ever been, but only Her absence makes me miserable.
——I try straight-sober to see as much wonder in nothing eye-closed
——patterns as if spore high, but the best I can manage is memory echo.
‘Imagine if every conversation with a woman led to them asking you
to donate monthly to their charity.’

In order to perform, the brain needs time free of any external stimulation.