I’m sure the tree comes to love the vine, in its way

by maddrunkgenius

The human world whole & thru is depraved, selfish
& miserable except the idea that it doesnt or
shouldnt have to be.
——’I cant fundraise for human right like gays being able to
——raise children.’
I hate people in aggregate but love their particulars.
——Filling up notebooks with  head down introspection.
‘The biggest most heavily tattooed guy gets up to sing “Don’t Speak”. ‘
——I need to figure shit out.
You get old (the first time) when college athletes are all [younger] than you.
——It’s hard to remember that you cant imagine what other people are feeling.
Your bubble is just one floating in space reflecting others, assuming they lie within yrs.
——I want new flesh terribly. Terribly.

——What if cobwebs were guitar strings?
‘ “Walking?” What are we, fucking peasants?’
——In time, we’ll all return to the land of our ancestors.
I’m sure the tree comes to love the vine, in its way.
——All the good is no more than tossing buckets of
——sweet water in a sea of piss.
Aphorisms resonate because they’re hollow.
——Why should I believe the earth has a core?
Even on the dreariest of days, the sun yet burns.
——Mercury is stuck in a well.