My body is a temple, but all that’s left is the wailing wall.

by maddrunkgenius

When I trip, I try to find a way to see God, but
usually just catch glimpses of the devil.

I am the same person  I was as a child tho no atom, idea or possession remains as it was.
Identity is same-lifetime reincarnation.
——Drinking is its own activity.
Alcohol has more than enough variation & substances, more than an alcohol
ever will appreciate.
——Inebriation lies beyond the laws of math — one becomes ten immediately.
I can tell I’m old because I need sincerity even in parody.

——My first love was writing, surely. But my true love is alcohol.
It’s true love: receiving all my enthusiasm & turning it to mush.
——’I love you.’ ‘Do you really?’ ‘Maybe once. When I was drunk.’
Money is freedom. But poverty isnt slavery, just the chains.
——We’re white, so we make everything white.


——Man feeds the brute strong gulls & clever littler crows
——with thrown-away chicken (Ezell’s) and Wonderbread.
I covered myself & slid away as tho any mystery were left there.

[Waiting for bathroom at Montana]
‘ “WC” is “water closer”?’
‘Yeah. European.’
‘Well, not yet. I will be soon.’
——’No, it’s OK. We share everything. Especially herpes.’
I dont enjoy this much crush of people right next to me. But
the window is open against my back.
——My left eye warbles with color & shape abstract & fictional.

[She writes]
telephone poles

If God had meant us to be happy, He
wouldnt have made us.

If God were a woman, “She” would
have made Spermbe[…]ks, dildo’s
& Drones…Bee’s have that shit
figured out.

——What triteness, living, being human.
——Born to shit, cum & die.

Words are nothing but self-replicating units spreading entropy.
——Turkey, sectarian, secular.
A man of steel, clay & glass. With gold
ring, 33 years on, encircling.
——Willy, the Third, ‘Exciting at the time.’

——Bacteria invented us to propagate themselves to the stars.
All life is single-celled. But some hear the song beyond their note.

Karaoke only rarely can be complained about w/o it being
indicative of a lack of drunk on yr part.
——’I can only take so much of so many people.’
What is it about us that we want deny how limited we
are — & how incapable.
——Incrementally things better sometimes, but life remains terrible always.

My body is a temple, but all that’s left is the wailing wall.

——Aching awful after-relationship after sex.
Everything is my fault, for doing something or feeling some way.
——’I’m sorry for being such a jerk.’