What more do I want?

by maddrunkgenius

——I just want somewhere where I can
——go to be religious without being
Oh no! Bacon wasted by a floor-fall.
——Christ-mass, a whole mess of it.
What relationship advice can you
take from a mallard?
——I dont know how to wear a
——cap. It just feels like something
——on my head.
A shirt with </head><body>; do they
make matching <head> caps?
——I have no use for the calendar,
——either, but gosh, it’s awful cool.
‘I have a boyfriend who doesnt beat
me. Except when I ask him to.’
——I’m accepted, liked, allowed to drink.
——Judged, of course, but approved of.
What more do I want? Than to keep
on drifting with what’s current?
——I buy books as gifts b/c it’s the most
——efficient way to send anyone information.
Our brains can only download info very
slowly & w/ repetition.
——’Thanks for doing you mom,’ the
——intermediate school matriculator says.
The universe will forget everything eventually.