My memory is a lash

by maddrunkgenius

——’I can still feel my face so
——I’ll take another double.’
It’s plenty to see green things
curl & unfurl in fractal ecstasy
——My beer hand wasnt as cold as
——my cigarette hand, somehow.
My memory is a lash & mind
an arm to use it — and I a
masochist unable to climax
without so many repetitions
——Something drastically new & different.’
We are all just some drunk navel-gazers.
——’I didnt mean to let you down.
——’You never uplifted me.’
The legends werent true, just coincidental.
——We’ll never be 22 again, but there’s always
——80 proof.
We’ll never Every Administrative decision is bullshit.

There’s a fan behind me,
but no one cares what
my actions are.
——Dance is a math &
——rejection of math
I go to a club to hear
loud things & be left alone.
——He’s a 6’5″, 6’10” with
——the hair & stands out
——everywhere he goes.
I like to be
& forgotten
——that chemical
——electricity in
——my tongue &

The living hearing the patterns
of the old & dead but sighing
new life at them.
——I see what you can’t acknowledge
——in yourself.
The candle burns better than I
would have anticipated.
——The entrance is part of the
——back to seem more elite.
——’Havana.’ As if anything
——Cuban remained.
Oh hey, oh hey, come home
come home, come home but
come home to me.
——Little not too quiet encounters in
——corners of wood & windowed
God forbid we forge our own piece
of sincerity.
——A Ray Charles single understood
——as a Kanye sample.

Praise God hell is big enough
to hold all us sinners.
——The fellow dances on 
——the street at the window
——cleaning it with broom
——without a sussable

What’s the worst part of
the late 20s.

I cant handle booze like I
use to. I go nuts and
humiliate myself

You’re a fucking superman
& don’t even recognize it.


No one ever was rewarded
for holding fast to true
good principle.

Yeah, but anyone who ever
only holds to true good
principle looking for reward
has already missed the

Then what’s the use of

To do what’s right because
it’s right and not hurt
people you don’t have to.

That’s according to my lights.

The only person you can
know actually is hurt by
something is you. So you
ought to maximize that
certainty before all others.

(I concur with your lights &
am just being pointlessly

By my own evidence
people are hurtable. So I
try not to hurt them.

I get the fussing but living
gets hard from that angle.
And it’s hard enough.

But then that’s only what I’ve sussed out.

I dont live, just fuss & suss
long after it’s useful.

But at least the word suss
exists. It’s an excellent word.