Stouper Bowl & surroundings

by maddrunkgenius

——The drive to Ballard, & walk to brewery half as long.
‘My boyfriend in high school wouldnt have sex with me if Star Trek was on.’
——Super Bowl in Seattle. More dogs (3) than jerseys (2). And one
——is on a dog.
I spent the last two Super Bowls asleep, for the most part.
——A bunch of commercials. Some patriotic song. Captain American. Forgotten Peanuts.
‘You have to actually educate them. Kids dont just know stuff.’
——We love our peculiar American institution of football. B/c of commercials.
——It’s easy to sell stuff, not pay attention, & not realize you when you are.
It’s hard to distinguish sure things from not sure things.
——She says it nicely, but the growlers arent for drinking here.
Another dog — labradoodle with a Sounders scarf.
——’More conversation than, “I’m happy when I fart.” ‘
The industry of making narratives fit events.
——One event changes the whole scope, winner or nothing.
Moved by pity or boredom, even Seattle fans avert their eyes.
Fireworks, rhythmic shouting, improvised whoo — in the
quietest part of town.
——In the rowdiest, National Guard troops respond to aggressive eye contact.
Hard to tell celebration from traffic signal.
——’What has this local business ever done to you?’
Aggressive Latin American driving, not drunk.
——Not a gang fight, just sidewalk celebration. WALK
Two songs played over & over & over.