by maddrunkgenius

Paying to sleep & maybe dream.
––Each tryst different, varied, but
––never in substance of rapture,
––only wavelength.
It’s brite sunny greeny happiness.
––If I could read a book until required
––bother with others, how joyful
––I would be.
Humanity may never alter the world
more than trees, but our mines should
last longer.
––Trees worked the magic of increasing
––the surface area of the landed earth.
A hammock is better for sleeping
A bed for loving
A floor for fucking.
––This town once hauled down forests
––& made steps out of mountainsides.
––Now it hosts & rents out kayaks.
––This is the story of America.
Below the rusty regular running,
river spanning railroad bridge it says
But you can only just make it out
After someone painted it gray over.
––Private thots & motivations in love &
––every other act are as meaningful as
––divine revelation & hallucination
––to anyone but you.
Natural running water is alien to my desert mind
& it is hard to conceive the permanent entity of it
except for the rocks below that stay after the river
has roll’d on past.
––The actual mysteries of the universe are too
––enthralling & terrifying to need invent or keep
––any more that tickle our anthrocentic fancies.
Trees cool the earth by shade & investing energy
in themselves & their future. We heat it by
spending their investment in our preset.
––Thruout the wedding, I watch’d the queens &
––drones pile out the ground while their sisters
––patrol’d & made ready for the flights & ’till-death-
––we-part’ nite-long unions.
Imagine if divorces were accompanied with
the same fanfare as matrimony.
––’It’s always been a dream of mine to be a
––conductor. No, wait, I mean “run a train”. ‘
‘I prefer not to’ is the most passive, final
way to say ‘no’.
––I wonder: how much sun-power does
––humanity use each day?