After the rains

by maddrunkgenius

Current, like electricity.
——ocular, after
help isnt a perfect opportunity
——ants, termites
apple of
my eye
—after, we’re thru it
isnt all I intended
—education, medication, reminders
youth recreation, we all enjoying it
—Democracy, a moment

After the rain the
near drowned worms
bake & shrivel

My eye has shooting
pains like my
eye can feel

Yeancopolis, record me.

—The red flower blossoms
—& eats everything it

She comes wrapped in infamy &
saves with fire.

—Why do we fight so
—hard to keep sick
—senile men alive?

Gladly the seagull
bursts open

I’m going to
text you.

—Take a year
—off from
—law school.

Nine-tenths of education
is encouragement.


It’s not the journey
It’s the end.
And everything ends.

—Art is always interactive.

Shake my wrinkly bits at
the ones who groan &

—My cup of tea is coffee.

She is someone we
all saw ourselves

Global community — its own experience.

Do you have a personal relationship
with autism?

Look at dynasties to get in
good with the boss,

The world is not a dark place.