The wisdom of teeth is only one thing.

by maddrunkgenius

Don’t even worry about it.
It sure ain’t worried about you.
—Nah, misery don’t love company.
—Misery love itself only.
Nothing in the universe love or hate you.
It just a busy place & everywhere a
thoroughfare with you standing a-middle.

Sometimes things move when I don’t look straight
at them.
—The faeries make everything crawl with magic.
Once, I saw an aquarium but the fish swam in fire.
No one believed me, even though it wasn’t the fish
that were special. Just the water.
—A dog spoke to me on a Thursday. A rottweiler.
—Its mouth didn’t move. The tan eyebrows said
—everything. Must have been an islander.

Ignorance homogenizes. That’s why old books can speak
of ‘The Turk’; ‘The Jew’; ‘The Chinaman’. It’s why millions
can be treated as one person in taste or opinion.

The wisdom of teeth is only one thing.
—As described, most gods do not sound like
—gods or worthy of worship.