Everything above is gray; what’s below is green.

by maddrunkgenius

Everything is a fine scurrying about between permanent stillness.

It’s not the pretty day got me out the house, but the event.
This truly is a holy day.

Soon all the quaint homes with moss-green roofs will be gone.
But the moss only for a little while.

Language is meant to coordinate our solar batteries into some
action preserving us & our offspring.

‘Nah man. I’m just a water spirit.’
——Biodiesel hatchback with bike rack, bus-passing near Lee.
Everything above is gray; what’s below is green.
——’I woke today feeling very poorly, thinking
——nothing I can do or say will be of value to
——anyone, least of all me.’
‘When they could no longer go to the sky,
they carved in stone monuments of what
they’d once done so there’d be forever proof.’

‘This is a safe place,’ he whispered & stroked her hair.
——The wisdom of the cat, the rat & the crow is the same.
But the pigeon, louse & dairy cow are no fools.
——Sometimes you’ve got to move out the way
——of the big, laughing gold head.
To stand still & quiet can be ostentatious, also.
——Community can be found & made in lots of places.
——Sports is cheating because it relies on shared hate.
It’s possible to vacillate completely from terror to
excitement to calm with nothing changing in circumstance.
——’Someone told me I dont usually say my name.’
It’s like fight club if it were about love and music instead
of fighting. And didnt compel you to participate. And was
for more than angry white men.
——The candlelight flickers too blinding bright.
If I’m too sick to drink, I’m too sick to enjoy myself.
——Dont worry about the things you cant control. Dont
——worry about the things you can control, either
——just take care of them.

She’s the conductor by turn & presence, not grasp of wand.
She imbues everything with authority, rather than borrowing it.
——I’d really rather be far back, sitting. To witness suffices.
Even off-patter clappers can shape the song together.
——Living is like an improv song. There’s no plan or moral or
——narrative, just changes & patterns woven together, stolen
——from the chaos. There’s no less entropy or more for
——a good song or bad one, & most have really good parts
——& some mess, too. The music is meant to be enjoyed, is
——all. Narrative is an invention applied afterward.
Life is made to be felt.
——All my old dreams are dead. Good. They were getting
——moldy anyhow.
Even in a musical democracy, people need to know their place.
——How do you confess to things that are no one’s business?

It’s not strange if it’s all you’ve ever known.

What an amazing collection of chemical substances swimming
sperm-like, impregnating different thoughts.