The first chemical dependency is happiness.

by maddrunkgenius

Everything is

going to be all

right. We just

have to try

real hard.

——It’s better to be a young person in a bar full of
——old people than an old person in a bar of young people.
Without a peep, his peeking peaked & fitness piqued.

I can feel myself calcifying.
Not yet but soon I’ll want to
be able to make a downpayment
on a house.
——How does a person go from
——restless, boundless energy to
——wanting stability & order? How did
It’s important not to be overwhelmed
by some many other people’s lives.
The trick is to not actually empathize.
——White streaks in curly brown hair.
The mood is different under
five blue lights.

How do you feel, as a
member of the choir?
——Every protagonist belongs
——to many choruses.
Little person on a leash, naked ‘cept
for a collar & their own fur coat.
——It’s a jazzy sort of nite on a
——winterish Seattle day after a week
——of spring come early.
Not all orgies need sex to reach completion.
But drugs, yeah. They all need drugs.
——The tributary is ever-branching but always
——there is the briny destination.
‘It was a pleasant sort of drizzle for those
with tin roofs, big windows, & no need
to go outside.’

That’s OK. No one blames you for anything
except the shit you fucked up.——The first chemical dependency is happiness.
Aphorisms are profound as reflecting pools are deep.

A palm tree is just a bunch
of grass.
——’Dont judge a book, lest you have
——have made one worth judging.’
Speak up: interrupt, question,
educate, echo.
——Is difficult work more
——satisfying, or only if…
‘Bullshit can be a heap, but it still
needs a shred of plausibility.’
——’Every’ is rarely as total as the
——included claims would suggest.