It doesnt have to be genius to be good or appreciable

by maddrunkgenius

Generosity is always most generous to yr ego.
——’For those of you wondering what to do,
——just do it.’
‘Sing it & sing it, and that’s how we do it.’
——I’m part of the problem, of course!
It’s the privilege to be naive.
——The trumpet is loud by deservedly.
Finish the races you’ve started before
lining up for a new one.
——And if it comes to that, withdraw.
It doesnt have to be genius to
be good or appreciable.
——No point to more if you waste
——what you got.
‘Give us a break! I need time to process what
just happened in my life.’
——’This is right around the place I heard that we’d die.’

‘For you can kill us, but you cannot harm us.’
——’And this is the work of a god, to
——tell of a thing before it happens, and
——to show it happening as it was foretold.’

‘Toxic Love’ is the best musical number.
——’I dont even know why that’s so awful,
——but it is.’
There’s a particular out-of-body feeling that hits
occasionally, a gulf between what ought to be & realizing
what actually is.
——I terribly like the humming of straight
——whiskey behind the tongue.
A lack of self-doubt goes a long way indeed,
or seems to.
——We dont actually empathize with non-‘we’
——strangers in large numbers, but we feel like
——we ought to, and this is progress.