Not all scars fade except to turn to dust

by maddrunkgenius

I’m bothered by my shortcomings b/c I didnt used to be
able to see them & still cant see the shortcomings of others well.
——Jesus was wrong. The heart & eye cant sin as limbs do.
Not all stepped-in dog shit clings to yr boot.
——It’s important to remember your pain doesnt hurt anyone else.
Regret is just noticing you’ve traveled downstream.
——I can see the antenna from my house.
Most people just go where the tailwinds push.
Head winds should be trivial, but they’re explanatory.
——Shaggy blond retriever, yawning its steaming tongue out to the cold.
Children with chaperones go by, three abreast. Some skip, but not the adults.
——Intoxicants are just chemo to kill the conscious cancer. The body
——is harmed as collateral.
Not all scars fade except to turn to dust.
——’I dont even smell like vomit this time.’
He was the same drunk as me.

——’No, he was always miserable.’
Texas swing aint the sort to pull in Mexicans.
——I wonder what it’s like to be
——pretty goddamned good at something
——for 30 years.
It’s real important the audience
know you aint queer yr male-self.

Texas aint so horrible as all that.
The trouble is folks got to leave if they
dont like the guv’mt ’cause it wont change.
——Lights, yellow & colored each thing
——string along outside to illuminate
——tables handful.
‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’
‘Because no one asks about the ones
who stay put.’
——’I cant stand to live another day
——sober,’ was all the note near his
——body read.
The years continue & add continually
with their burden, never lessening. The
next year is more pain, not less.
More regrets, more spite.

——It is good to be back in Texas.
People relive decades in music.
——’Fuck Austin. Actually, you would love Austin.’

——You taste last nite in your mouth
——& it’s expired.
The morning has passed to full brightness.
The light is heavy, pressing on your brow
like boulders

Thick wool carpet is comfy enough to sleep on,
but not to stay asleep on. With a pillow under
yr head, you still might stay down till noon.

Prepare to be spontaneous.
——It’s nice to have the sun on yr face for a while.
The only time it was safe to be different was
before everyone had supercomputers with cameras
in their pockets.
——I cant tell the sickness from the withdrawal anymore.
There are millions of heroes forgotten by everyone.
——Life is a culmination of happy & terrible accidents.
Every snowflake needs a speck of dust to start.