There is no end to the last days

by maddrunkgenius

Bacon from the back. Bounty for the good bonus. A boudoir, to have a place to pout.

Fear nothing, dreadnought. Nautical noisy nausea. Leave work to go debauch. But if god deems it doomsday, we’ll all be judged.

Doctors are learned people who teach. Old Saxon dipping was dopian, baptizing, then the doop any viscous sauce before one in particular. So some are baptized by water, others by fire, but the dope is the baptism itself, and not everyone comes back up for air.  That’s why the dope fiend droops, and addiction is its own religion.

Everything springs up so awfully quick.

‘We’re all in this together, but we each die alone.’

There’s a magnificent absurdity between
the way things are & what we expect
them to be.

‘Oh, that’s awesome! OK. OK, OK. How big of an island is Fiji?’

Graffiti is the art of the ordinary, and better describes real life than sculpture or novel.

A sunny day unprepared for does not being as much pleasure as a surprise shower brings consternation.

Voluminous! my love for you.

Is it a sin to die of gout while watching others fall to pox?

Shaka Zulu, intestinal bug zulu. Eldest son, but accidental. Child of wife unintended. Sent away age 7. Cape Town made British in 1806. Dutch move away in 1830s to continue slavery for god’s will. Those Boorish Boers.

Goblin bugs, bogey boggle.

——’It’s East Asia. There’s always more people
——than you think.’
We do what we can for those we can.
——I need harm defined in non-magical terms.
You were not born with a greater or lesser capacity
for joy, suffering, or empathy than any other just
because you greeted the world here instead of
——Nothing is absolute except the speed of light,
——and even that is especially relative.

It’s not a goblin; it’s a form of its substance. Mechanic, not organic.

Anabaptists were everything the Catholic Church had feared. No more infant baptism, no more private property, all records burnt, no class except those of Christ. But then polygamy & tyranny.

‘Munster had lost its prophet.’

‘If you read the Bible for yourselves, this is what will happen.’

Gold coinage: ‘A king for all Europe.’

There is no end to the last days.
——Prophecy woks better as explanation
——than prediction.
Islam was not spread by the sword & warrior but
the scroll & bureaucrat.
——A tax may succeed where other threats fail.
——There is no martyrdom for those
——bled dry across generations.
Literature is formed during times of
great stress, but usually produced
in peace among patronage.
——All roads go somewhere, but most
——dont take you anywhere.
Harems replace marriage, but the Queen Mother
is head of the harem.
——Progress & orthodoxy have opposite needs.
‘The guards were concerned foremost
with being paid.’
——Abbasid dynasty, a golden world.
Cyrus, Darius, Alexander, Parthians,
Sassanids, Shahanshah – king of kings.
——Chosen by god, just rad the coins.
Zoroastrianism says there is one god & evil is not important.