Fire is hungry but shits where it eats

by maddrunkgenius

I watched a wasp as it bit the back of a caterpillar
tore open one end so the fuzzy orange belly dragged
its innards with it, wetting the concrete. Every so often May
the caterpillar turned to attack or plead or reason to be be
left alone, but the wasp didnt listen or notice the organs you
eviscerated already when there were still more inside should
to be had. But eventually the wasp seemed to go mad have
trying to clean herself of all the caterpillar slime & paid
the fuzzy butterfly-to-be crept back under cover, still attention.
trailing from the gaping hole at tail. Wind blows hot & cold.
——The devil is in the details. God is the whole system.

Squawking, flapping white parrot, playing at flight
while tethered to the handlers of an urban cyclist.
——If you knew you were in someone else’s dream, what would
——you tell them?
‘Fire to the prisons / fuck the police.’ Just sleep it off.
——If I am to be reincarnated, I hope my next life is
——a miscarriage.
The caste system is just a bit too convenient for the ones
whose job is to explain it to the rest.
——Cotton needs encouragement. ‘He is on one.’
The blood of patriots is less valuable for the tree of
liberty than the water of good faith & light of patience.
——Absent fathers provide the best presents. I’m not wobbly
The runaway slave found the devil on Hispanola & — the world is.
sold her soul to raise the dead again to walk. When
the armies of the Corsican Emperor tried to retake
the island & its sugarcane once more, what had been
sowed did its own reaping. Typhoons shrug at expectations.
——Nothing good ever happens: it’s done.
I’m not entirely certain why I keep getting out of bed.
——The future is up to other people.
No fire burns indefinitely. The stars, too, will wink out.
——No one hears ‘You did your best’ in congratulation.
Dear me. Didnt someone tell you?
——My life is little more than a chronological record
——of petty cowardices.
Do as you please, or pleases you.
——I’m not especially complicated, at least in what I want.
Internal combustion engine: the mind.
Power is wielded like a feather & felt like a hammer.
——‘That’s not improper.’
‘I really just want to get to a place
where I can
——I’m alive, but inert.
Fantasy isnt all.

Fire is hungry but shits where it eats. Slither
——The distinction between prayer & curse yr way
——is like whether ø is positive or negative. into her
The gift-giving portion of a relationship is softly
the cruelest: you try buy away all yr guilt. folded
——Liberty is the freedom to oppress. heart.
Cant it be both?

My mind is a well-spring of hatefulness.
——Everyone is hideous turned inside-out. Get fucked.
If you’ve love in yr heart, it’ll show in yr limbs. ‘It’s fine.’
——A prudent person keeps quiet when No, the world
——possible. My suffering is all there is. is on fire
I’m not quite convinced my life operates in the
positive ledger, or will. ‘I fucked around till…’
——‘Old school’ is a nice way to say one’s
——perspective is now focused mostly behind . ‘I dont want to
Watching 30 paces, he saw the body folded in hate you.’
the wrong direction, and then his mind felt
his own spine crack as hers did. The tube down
his throat carried the vomit away.
——Orwell was a pessimist. Zamyatin was right
——in that regard. Is it better to split the atom or fuse it?
Every moment of my life experienced feels wasted & fraudulent
but the alchemy of hindsight turns the same to dramatic narrative.
——Your mind cant even conceive all there is
——to be afraid of.
I am encouraged knowing that my body will feed some
thing at least, if it can avoid embalment & fire.
——I hope the butcher can find tasty pieces for
——my friends & relations. Sex is worth having
Murder is less offensive than waste. once.
——Rot is useful to what it feeds. Pregnant women glow
Only gravity can bring you rest. like uranium.
——I see nothing but excuses to hate. Cut my throat,
My misery is attractive not even to maggots. but kosher.
——Abscess, pus, putrefaction, cyst. Oh! But if I had a
The rot of some flesh is orgy for some other. grenade.
——Sometimes the lead singer is less than nothing.
‘I only know black jokes & Jew jokes… & white people jokes.’
——The spear pierces deepest at its smallest.
Drinking alone on an empty stomach is better than sex.
Because sex involves other people. Noon is half-day away,
——There will be other joys to be found eventually. But
——at this moment, that lies beyond my imagination.
I dont understand what’s the matter with me. Hey! Swallow pride.
——I want nothing, which is a symptom of wanting everything.
A cyst infected is verdant also. No one wants you.
——Why does anyone wear a skirt they’ll have to tug down?
Terror is a human endeavor. Pour your beer
——*Must love livestock-abscess videos. in my glass.
Love is a machete. ‘From each according, to each…’
——Music is the rasp of a cripple in the nite.

A beggar has more pride than a priest.
——Cellulite is just XP. Everyone knows how the
I literally hate everyone. fairy tales end: nonsense.
——Arson is only a property crime.
Everything alive will die, but so will viruses.
——‘How’s your new job going?’