‘This tastes like poverty & poor decisions’

by maddrunkgenius

—There is no ‘ever after’,
—& only rarely a ‘happily’.
Misery is the only satisfying emotion.
—The beer bottle in anger thrown,
—lost itself in grass unshattered

My head is alive with thoughts.
—Why ever do anything?
‘I’m a cis white het male, and with
all that buoyancy, this is all
I’ve raised myself up to.’
—’What’s the thing you do that
—makes you happiest? Why 
—dont you do that more?’

‘What’s that for?’ ‘Splatter.’
—’This is my life.’ ‘I was thinking the same thing.’
My inconvenience is tragedy.
Ten thousand deaths is trivia.
—’And of course our response to this was to
—keep drinking.’
‘No, I’m not going to do that.’
—’Memory is a tunnel looking backward
—at a point of greater order.’
‘There’s a video of a man masturbating while doing
one-handed push-ups.’
—’I was thinking about slavery…’
‘What if slavery was a very elaborate sex culture
we’ve misunderstood with time?’
—(Paul was a slave to Christ.)
So how about Paris, huh?

‘This tastes like poverty & poor decisions.’
—’Water: it’s not alcohol, but it’ll do in a pinch.’
Our minds evolved to feel a life-saving sense of danger
out of threats of starvation, being eaten alive, disease.
It’s no surprise that, ‘Am I really happy?’ replaced
‘Is that a leopard behind those rocks?’
—’Do you think the idea of God is too anthropomorphic?
—’What if it’s just a vast consciousness?’ ‘I think the idea
of consciousness is anthropomorphic enough already.’