Tinder’s Game

by maddrunkgenius

What’s your Tinder endgame? I’ve been playing for a week now, and I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations, one good book recommendation, and good ideas about where to get my teeth cleaned here.

I really enjoy chatting by text & meeting in person, because everyone is interesting for the first half hour, and a lot of folk continue to be after.

Now, the promise & hope of a magnificent sexual encounter with delightful pillow talk involved is sort of the reason it’s fun, but it’s like winning the lottery: most scratch-off tickets are losers, and the ones that pay out are rarely even worth your time. But there’s a little tingle every time before the disappointment.

Here & now, the fantasy is basically non-existent because I am visiting my parents, sleeping on their couch with no transportation, and I ain’t seen my friends in a good while. But I still enjoy flirty-chaste communication with interesting new people.