It’s nice to smell someone new on your face

by maddrunkgenius

It’s been a long, long while since I’ve drunk myself to the shakes.
——Everything wavers at the edge of my sight.
Some fellow with a NEWS notebook in his
back pocket, clicking a pen with his right thumb.
——Where would I be if I’d actually been cut
——my first week canvassing? Better off, or
——drinking to death in Texas?
Not to be rude, but shouldn’t you do something
about that? Three years is a long time.
——Why are things this way?
If we were better made, we might never have
made knives & hammers & songs.

——It’s nice to smell someone new
——on your face. Sportsball holiday.
She often spoke of her hopes to raze
a family some day. My neck! My neck!
——Nothing to regret? A high school neck!
Continue as you are till you’re not.
——Hard to learn, easy to forget.
I do my best not to play devil’s advocate
for its own sake. But it seems very
easy to forget why & how other people
think as they do.
——I want people to complain with empathy.
‘We get along because I consider it
beneath me to argue with her
on any subject, and she gets to
feel like she’s always right.’
——’Isnt it curious that you’ve never
—— seen him eat?’
More has been forgotten than ever
will be learned.
——My hands are more impressive than
——my mouth, which makes my lips jealous.