Stubborn to the point of clever

by maddrunkgenius

——All the world is wonders when it’s fresh to you,
——but with age, newness turns strange & bewildering.
Wet as winter, slick ever-ever drizzle from between her thighs.
——‘Too much good stuff.’
I met a man old when mountains were young.
——I swallowed his tongue with its blessings.
‘My wishes are immaterial.’
——A man’s power grows with age. A woman’s fades
——just as she learns how to use it. It’s no surprise,
——then, that women are thought most beautiful
——when they’re most naive.
What patience the Lord shows evil-doers, we evil-doers.
——’I have a son! Look at that cock.’
How strange to look upon a god & beg restraint.
——When misfortune strikes the virtuous, it hides a silver
——lining or the universe is mysterious. But when it touches
——an enemy, ‘justice’ is the name given schadenfreude.
Cato Uticensis — victor of history in death.
——A barrel full of rum, laughs, vomit, cum.
Dying brings no end to it.
——Smells like old times.
He’s a big man now, but a lovely singer.
——You feel sweeter than honey on my skin—sticky,
——sticky, sticky.
Bray like a donkey, stubborn to the point of clever.
——Whatever you are, be good at it. Like Panzram.
A person’s integrity can be chipped away, sure, but time
works at it like sand in an hourglass.
——Judging past societies on their sexual mores is a
——strange & unavoidable thing.
War is safer & simpler than love.
——’I didnt know he existed until he didnt anymore.’
It’s easy at first to be nice, because you have no way of wounding the other.
Intimacy lets you see all the gaps in armor, and then it becomes almost
impossible not to prod & poke.