I’ll spend my last not-money on one more drunk (Credit Card Magic)

by maddrunkgenius

Feb. 19, 2016
——’I wish I had that look.’
‘You may run shit, but I run this bitch.’
——Got to find some other source of validation.
‘I do love the river of joy that flows from your cunt,
starting a brook but ending in rapids.’
——’You make wonderful thigh-dew.’
‘Come here often?’

Feb. 24, 2016
——I’ll spend my last not-money on one more drunk.
——(Credit Card Magic.)
You cant restore a person to factory settings.
——If not for this, there’d be no that.
Perfection is best kept intact when unexamined.
——Even the quarks dont exist if you stare at them too closely.
What miserable places the weekday bar is at late nite.
——’Dont let too much of your life turn into “used to”.’ But it always does.
I know you know better.
——’Is this part of being 21 or just stupid? Or intoxicated?’
——We’re all 21 & dumb when we get real drunk.

Dont be influenced by me when I’m under the influence.
But that’s when I’m at my most persuasive, is the trouble.
——How Great Thou Art—but it could use some shading?
Blonde hair, dark roots.
——I still cant believe L.G. won.
What could possibly be the evolutionary benefit
of being able to experience existential despair?
Or is it like eating disorders & just never had a
chance to express itself? You can get numb
to poison, pain, rapture, stimulation. But absent
imminent death to provide contrast, the prospect of
continued life is drained of all pleasure.
——This is a damn fine black pen.
The bicycle outside is blinking, but I
really wouldnt leave it so near to
Aurora rideable.
——Growing up is growing on me.
——But not today.