Somebody has to have a real bad nite for the rest of us to get a decent anecdote out of it

by maddrunkgenius

‘Have a great time!’ ‘Maybe,’
——I thot if I came late enough, the bands would
——be all done, all be done.
The original plan for tonite was to meet a married
woman here, but her husband wanted her instead.
——Much-all or little-nothing.
Take a picture with the stage behind you.
——Where did my voice disappear to? Sucked
——into a smartphone. The quiet moments
——filled up with otherwise.
What matters now is doing better than I deserve.
——Will more people remember my impact on the world
——with fondness or distaste?
I drank with D. C. in lots of places.
——You can be decent, honorable & honest while
——remaining an asshole with few close friends.
My trajectory downward isnt quite so steep on a logarithmic scale.
——Nothing true is real anymore.
Friends allow friends to do as they please.
——Everything old is old as fuck, again.

Some day not too far away there will be a machine
capable of storing & synthesizing the result of tens
of thousands  of years of culture produced by human culture.
And that will be more human than any human ever has been.

——I said, ‘Nobody ever fights here.’ Then tonite, of course,
——there is one.
He: ‘You need to come our here & take care of your — Brandon.’
She: ‘He’s not mine, but I guess I’m guilty by association.’
They: ‘What was it over?’ ‘It’s usually over a woman.’ ‘She seemed shady as fuck.’
——’Like three dudes wailing on one guy. It was brutal.’
——’Makes you want to bring your gun when you visit Seattle.’
——’…No, leave that shit at home.’
——’They were beating his ass up again a door.’

Somebody has to have a real bad nite for the rest of us
to get a decent anecdote out of it.
——’This is no fucking joke: he got jumped by
——a black guy, a white guy, & an Asian guy.’
‘Pardon the Flashing Lights.’
——I like gin b/c I hate gin & taste the poison it is.