It’s hard to fight vulgar bigotry with Esperanto poems

by maddrunkgenius

——I’m tired & worse, I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing.
‘I don’t like talking about it.’
‘There’s nothing wrong with your booty.’
‘I dont. Like. Talking about it.’
——It’s not her fault, but I prefer it when she wears jeans &
——flannel b/c it’s easier for me to not act like an asshole.
Which sort of antlers have you?
——A smart person knows when to move on.
The trouble with common language is it’s full of all the
power of oppression & rolls off the tongue w/o any malice
conscious. The trouble with thoughtful, considerate language
is it takes much work & has all the genuine feeling of
a poem in Esperanto.
——It’s the worst sort of laziness to want to exhaust
——yourself for a job in lieu of pursuing your own
The bigotry & intolerance of generations past is preserved
in thoughtless phrases that do no harm except to channel
& remind a person of all the harm done to them &
those like them throughout history.
——In the future, we wont even need to glance
——at our palms.
I need more Bukowski in my life—but not my actions.
——I want work to do so I wont have to
——face my own life.
You only get a few chances in life to vote for someone.
The rest of your life you spend voting against someone else.