Ninety percent of self-control is having something to get up for in the morning

by maddrunkgenius

June 2, 2016
Being an asshole is like halitosis.

——Your essence projects farther than your breath.
Learning who not to date is like riding a bike
& people’s advice only matters so much.
——Politics is joining people you can stand
——to stop the people you cant.
Franchise restaurants seem like safe bets till
you eat at one.
——I dont know when I got antisocial.

June 11, 2016
The politics of spite & purity mean you’re OK to hate
something without further examination, but any support
will be torn apart if it isnt perfect.
——Political correctness is dependent on audience, but criticism
——is valid whether something is completely wrong or
——not right enough.
The genius of obstructionism is its ability to form consensus
around nothing.
——’I disagree with your opinion, but I will defend to the death
——your right to say it’ is an easy hypothetical for
——its unlikelihood. Much more useful & difficult is to say
——’I disagree with your opinion except in this one matter: let’s
——work together on that.’
The new bartender, with half his shirt tails tucked in.
——I’ve gotten much better at slowing down when
——I feel myself getting drunk.
Ninety percent of self-control is having something
to get up for in the morning.
——Somehow I missed deleting some of the videos
——of me with my ex; they were me trying to fuck her
——in the ass or rub her clit while she put a dildo in.
——I thought it would be hot, but watching them again
——all I could feel was, ‘Yes, we were happy once.’
I like to think I’m a nice fellow, but if I were I’d
be an asshole sooner instead of leading them along.
——‘You know better,’ he said.
——’Yeah,’ she replied in the biblical sense.
The difference between physics & human life is
‘potential’ really exists in physics.
——Future civilizations will find it inconceivable
——we didnt recognize why math described the universe.
I dont know how much rage I have left & what
has decayed into bitter isotopes.
——Peppermint whiskey is not a good ingredient for the morning.
A new land, a new people, but the same to old you.
——I am not well-liked & would not be missed
——except for my share of rent.
Our jobs are important because most of our relationships
depend on our ability to provide money to others.
——It’s a lot harder to be with a lover who’s been
——unemployed for two years.
We’d all be a lot more humble if we realized
how little we matter to other people.
We’re all be a lot more kind if we realized
how much we can impact other people.
——No one who goes home to porn goes home alone.
Jesus is in my heart like Anya Olsen is on my dick.
——’Who else has peed in the bathtub…shower?’
I dont have too many reasons to go on living.
——If I werent expected to work, maybe I’d read.
——But probably not.
The novel has been supplanted in popular culture but
not creativity.
——One mind isolated is still capable of unfiltered genius.
The canon is not fully alterable. But the conversation is.

The value of ‘readings’ are the Watsonian interpretations
for continued relevancy.
——Reading ‘gayness’ into pre-18th Century works
——makes no more sense than reading Britishness
——into the Roman Empire. But that doesnt stop
——us from doing the latter to better contextualize
——the past for modern times.

June 16, 2016
The idea of new things is pleasant & exciting;
the reality is uncomfortable & mundane