The streets run wet with piss & Christian charity

by maddrunkgenius

Sitting in downtown Renton,
looking out across the street
at a business not yet open,
at its doorway where
keeping out of drizzling rain
are two men and a woman.

She goes in-between two cars,
pulls down her sweatpants a bit,
and squats
to send a stream of steaming piss
into the gutter
to mix with some rainwater.

By poor timing,
the fellow owning the car to her right
shows up at just that time and gets
into his vehicle
without acknowledging her.

The two other men in the doorway
laugh with partially-toothed mouths
but stay huddled under their blankets.


Walking same day in downtown Seattle,
drier, earbuds firmly in,
but a short young man with glasses asks me
have I heard of God the Mother?

So I have to take my earbuds out and have a listen
at this ol’ fellow and his taller partner.
They bring out their Bibles
and have a tell at me about how
when in Genesis 1 a plural noun God says,
‘Let us’,
that must be a reference to a masculine and feminine aspect.

Except I say I don’t really believe in any of that
and trying to search for a consistent thru line
in something writ across hundreds of years
by dozens of people
then compiled
and redacted
and copied
by who knows how many hands and agendas
well, you can find a lot of wonderful stuff in there,
but consistency aint one of ’em.

I don’t get to hear the glasses-boy tell me
much more of anything
like how he sees the universe
because as we talk, his Bible out,
some other guy with teeth jewelry
walks up,
slaps the Bible out of the glasses-boy’s hand,
and threatens to punch him in the face
for being out in public,
talking blasphemy contrary to Jesus.

The taller of the two Mother-God proselytizers
walks the bejeweled-mouthed Christ-lover
toward the corner without further violence,
then I say goodbye to the short one with glasses,
because what further is there to talk about religion
once force comes to say, ‘Hello’?