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Everything terrible thing that happened once can happen again, & worse

——It aint been a year in this margin quite but nearly & may as well.
I’ll switch to a narrower pen in just a line.
——I never know what I want except that it’s always the other thing.
There’s a woman at this bar, lead singer of a damn good band, and she
asked for my number twice, texted at me twice, then ignored me. I dont
fuckin know what she after, but I’m too tired to put any work in to figurin
it out. Maybe that’s what she’s after & if so, good call by her.
——The band playing just now is good enough, but he cant really play
——Roger Miller worth a damn
‘The lead singer has laryngitis.’ Aint that just the way.

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The first chemical dependency is happiness.

Everything is

going to be all

right. We just

have to try

real hard.

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Bar napkin: Remember outside, observe inside

An old woman in black with a blue headscarf slips on the wet sidewalk & smacks the cold concrete ground with the suddenfrightening way the elderly arent ever supposed to move, and all the conversation stops as one man rushes to her & everyone else drifts close hurried with concern & possible help offerings but hoping really not to do anything really. But she gets up(!) leaning on elbows & goes on, and the day goes on.

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Useless Wisdom

The old man stands in front of me, eyes wide with passion and excitement, mouth half open as his tongue fumbles around in the inside of his mouth. He mumbles incoherent sounds as he tries to give utterance to the unimaginable wisdom and truth that surely exists inside his skull. And I stand waiting for it.

“Take it from an old man who knows,” he says finally, “You got to get you an education if you want to do something with your life. Got to stay in school.”

I nod and smile at his trite advice. So says the life long day labor, my mind mocks, but I don’t allow my mouth to give voice to it.

“But even if you don’t, you got to be able to enjoy what you’re doing, no matter what it is. If you spend your whole life trying to get somewhere, one day you’re gonna look up and see you missed out on everything. ”

I nod and smile. And maybe I should stop and smell the roses, too.

“If there’s one thing you gotta value, it’s your health,” says he, “Value it while you got it, cause there ain’t no money in the world that can buy it back if you don’t got it, and one day you won’t.”

I nod and smile. Crawl back into your hole, old man, crawl back into your grave and die.

“Nobody lives forever, boy, but only the lucky get old. Ain’t nobody invincible.”

I nod and smile. Yes, lucky like Marlon Brando, a fat joke, and misfortunate like James Dean, an icon. A tragedy to burn out like Morrison, and  a blessing to fade away like you, you old piece of shit.

“You don’t want to hear what I got to say and by the time you do, you won’t need it any more or be able to do nothing with it. But I’m telling you now, because I wish I would have listened when someone told me.”

I nod and smile. As if I need some senile old fucker to lecture me.

“No, really, thanks,” I say, “I’ll be sure to keep all that in mind.”

He nods and smiles. And we go our separate ways.