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Humanity is a perversely well-beloved pustule

——I like the ones who just say, ‘OK.’
Remember being just tall enough to touch things, finally?
——I dont think I’m jealous. It’s just the delay.

The junkie with dark skin & bright eyes & all else is still alive in there.
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Am I still open-minded enough for revealed truth?

——I despise the need in others [that]
——I know I feel.
I desire the chemical configuration
of others’ applause centers above
all things.
——I do my best to admit
——the things I dont know
————And admit new things I didnt know
————into my worldview quickly, I hope.
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‘There’s no law against selling mastodon tusks.’

——The debate, the debate.
The rivulets of ice-water running down what they’ve cut thru.
——Rocky & dark, light brown silt, green brush that looks like algae.
‘That was completely covered 60 years ago—with ice.’
——Water deep blue. Ice floes bluer still.
’60 years ago those glaciers met. You couldnt see that island.’
——Right at the water’s edge, the white stain of tide pulled work.
‘Gives Al Gore something to do.’
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Every leaf withers, some still upon the tree

I understand dance music, it’s almost spiritual ability to lift you
up & make you feel transcendent, in the youthful moment, the energy,
the whatever. But not dance itself. The compulsion isnt in me.
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