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I can’t tell if it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy or just a good policy

I know I’m too old now to give a shit about what exes think of me, but the truth is none of them like me and most of them despise me.

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This too shall pass, but it’ll take longer if you write it down

I used to think the older I got, the fewer bad decisions I would make. But really, I just know when I’m making a bad decision sooner.

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Never share your Netflix password; everyone dies alone

I noticed my most recent ex unfriended me on Facebook, so I deleted her Netflix profile and changed the password less out of retaliation than a desire to no longer see her name show up when I wanted to binge watch TV.

And the worst thing about it is not that I miss her or that this will impact my life in any meaningful way, except for some angry drunken texts from her I expect in the next few days.

The worst thing is that this is a parody of how a modern relationship goes, and the last ties that get severed are not meaningful face-to-face conversations or closure but discrete events in superficial electronic consumption.

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And yes it’s a stupid holiday.

Me: I keep getting with women whom I tell, ‘Look, fuck who you want, but just tell me when you do alright?’ And they fuck ex boyfriends or some random dick & don’t tell me for weeks if ever, and for the latest time I realize I am a real asshole, and value your friendship & personage even more.

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