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I used to have all sorts of problems. Now there's just the one.

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I’m sure the tree comes to love the vine, in its way

The human world whole & thru is depraved, selfish
& miserable except the idea that it doesnt or
shouldnt have to be.
——’I cant fundraise for human right like gays being able to
——raise children.’
I hate people in aggregate but love their particulars.
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A May Day, working & after (2)

————How are we doing? What did you
——Being great is difficult. do before you
————Do what you do well. came to be here?
——Catch me if you can. Ocean of flesh.
Nothing doing, nothing done. Do what needs
——Willpower is a myth but to be done And
——a useful one. Snapshot what doesnt.
When you’re honest, it’s horrid. This is enough.
——Lucy is an idea & ‘Mother — hold me.’
——that’s all. My mind is untidy. He’s honest.
We communicate in narratives Warg, fey thing
but they dont exist. Kind boy. Faerie, queen.
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Goddamn! I get sicker and sicker each day. Head keeps on rottin out.

So welcome to the edge of fantasy, where the skies are gold and the brains wet. My neck is stitched up with murder but well-weaved. Not a vampire but the wolf, man. Dude, dont wander far from the rotting beach. The servant’s son had already washed away. But he was stillborn, legally anyway.

Susie, I’m sorry. It’s not enough to say, but there’s nothing to do anymore. Certainly no Casanova. We sent them all away to the East.

Burritos make quite the passing fancy. So please, let me pass that way at some soon time. But truly, someone once a charmer was relegated to the rubbish heap, where donkeys shit and dogs vomit but never return.

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