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I used to have all sorts of problems. Now there's just the one.

Tag: Heroin

Everything terrible thing that happened once can happen again, & worse

——It aint been a year in this margin quite but nearly & may as well.
I’ll switch to a narrower pen in just a line.
——I never know what I want except that it’s always the other thing.
There’s a woman at this bar, lead singer of a damn good band, and she
asked for my number twice, texted at me twice, then ignored me. I dont
fuckin know what she after, but I’m too tired to put any work in to figurin
it out. Maybe that’s what she’s after & if so, good call by her.
——The band playing just now is good enough, but he cant really play
——Roger Miller worth a damn
‘The lead singer has laryngitis.’ Aint that just the way.

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I don’t believe in souls but rejoice in spirits

The longest I ever went without drinking was 21 years. Never again.
——’I dont know how,’ said the leprechaun.
Some are frightened by the prospect of facing temporarily what many do each day without hope or aspiration of better.
——Ha! It’s many more than first I thought.

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Junky: A drunken quotation in lyric

“I heard a laugh behind me on the street.
It was a junky laugh.
You know, like when you’re waking from a dream &
Make a noise that sounds like from far away.
He was right behind me
But out of reach.”

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