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The wisdom of teeth is only one thing.

Don’t even worry about it.
It sure ain’t worried about you.
—Nah, misery don’t love company.
—Misery love itself only.
Nothing in the universe love or hate you.
It just a busy place & everywhere a
thoroughfare with you standing a-middle.

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A May Day, working & after (3)

——This was a world of magic & imagination
——once. I did it. I saved the house. From fleas.
My bravery is undermined by my proclivity
to vomit. Tyranny only occasionally is the government.
——’It’s a great opportunity!’ he said. ‘But you’re
——not even going,’ she frowned. ‘It’s a great
——opportunity,’ he explained. Getting the job done is victory.
Discuss your limitations openly with well-founded
paranoia. It isnt the outside, it’s just me.
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‘Are you writing a novel?’ / ‘No, it’s more an insipid.’

——What’s done is done. What’s not wont be again.
I’m sore & tired, everything about me is.
I have no desire for ambition.
——I’m not worried about going to work, just going out to work.
The days still feel long, but they disappear quickly. Quicker.

——Every day I suffer the same stupid, boring people. Blink twice if
One day, this’ll all be behind us. That day is tomorrow. you want to die.
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Which of these magical objects would you take?

A – a notebook full of blank paper. Whatever you need to turn in in a printed format, you will find it inside this notebook. If you’re in school, it will do your homework, if you need essays, this will write them properly formatted, if you have a white collar or newspaper job, this will have them ready for you as soon as you need them. The catch: the overall quality is only as great as if you’d done it yourself so all it really does is save you the time of doing it yourself. However, you’ll never be accused of cheating.

B – a car that will transport you anywhere you need to go. All you need to do is think of a place, and the car will take you there in five minutes. The catch: you will arrive at your destination five minutes later than you honestly intend. That is, if you plan to go somewhere at 7:45 because you really want to be there at 7:50 or 8:00, you’ll still get there at 7:55 or 8:05

C – a pen that writes the modern equivalent of Shakespeare or Joyce or Voltaire. Basically, you will almost universally be considered a genius. The catch: once the ink runs out, the pen is worthless.

D – a wallet with an infinite amount of money in it. The catch: it’s all in one dollar bills and people will naturally grow suspicious if you spend too much of it.

Yes, this is open to responses and your own explanations. Might try sending this out as a bulletin, but I don’t have much luck there either. So you are encouraged to respond here and feed my curiosity.

I, of course, would take the notebook because I consider myself of a competent writer, but have absolutely no motivation or consistency. Plus, wouldn’t school or any kind of white collar job become ridiculously easy?