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I used to have all sorts of problems. Now there's just the one.

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No life ever was meaningful, except to other people.

‘I mean, more needs-based education.’
——People are exhausting.
Bigotry needs an excuse; charity is its own.
——Make it till you can fake it.
Where harm is absent, sin is figment.
——Man in seated walker helped up steep hill by strangers.
A last precious sunny day warmth in true fall.
——Memory is never sent to kiln but always clay.
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Pieces of sober work scribbles

After the world ended,
it was much more peaceful.

I dont remember much about the womb
but always long for it.

Every feather grows by simple rules to find

‘A small group can change anything.’

Holler at your scion, representing occidental.

a sale is encouragement

give the people a reminder of why

the colour of lust