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At least

Are we lost, and if so, where had we intended to go? I don’t know. I guess I’m lost, too. But making great time and having a better one.

I’m a fool, sure enough, just waiting for my ship to come in, so I can take my place on it with all the rest. We’ll set sail tomorrow and strum sun beams ’til they’re out of key.


We’ll swallow the ocean waves in a gulp; we’ll drink the sea dry if try. I don’t lie. Believe it. What a sensible man knows is impossible, so a fool can accomplish without effort.

A fool at least will get where he’s going if you let him.

Well, at least it rhymes

I ate her as she disappeared
I ate her as she cried
I ate her as she wept red tears
I ate her as they dried

It’s morning now, the churchbells ring. They sound like churchbells ought. The church attends to folk so poor, their souls are all they’ve brought. But these are what’s desired most, these souls that need be cleansed. Wash fresh the sins of naked flesh, the sins of naked men.

Too quick she left and took my fun
Took quick she ran home sobbing
But home at last is where she rests
While I’m alone, yet throbbing

You don’t quite seem to understand the service churches render. They remind us that we’re more than beasts, give reason to be tender. The laws of man are easy broke, man’s justice easier still. But the laws of God are absolute, and find us, good or ill.

Little girl, little girl, don’t lie to me
Don’t lie and spread your fibs
Was snake, not God, who made mankind
Eve’s children, Adam’s ribs

Salvation, then, is rarely found, in nature or in heaven, but here on earth it’s all around, all week, all day, each second. Salvation comes from Christ above, Christ the true Messiah. Christ alone can save weak souls, and rapture the pariah.

Too late, too late to change your ways
Too late to even try
Too late you fin’ly realize
To whom you owe your eye

Softer the Flying Cat

Softer the Flying Cat sleeps well. Purrs in silence, waves its tail. Wakes up quickly, jumps up high, Softer soars through moonlit sky. The night is Softer’s and its alone, the world is Softer’s and stars its throne.

Softer hungers, wants something sweet. Clouds are cotton candy treats. The Flying Cat zooms toward the puffs, devours till its had enough. Softer’s belly mostly full, it finds a stomach filled with wool. Throat half-parched and organs burst, it dives toward lake to quench its thirst.

Softer breaks the water’s surface edge, stays beneath till God’s last dredge. When heavens come to look to save, the Flying Cat stays in its grave. Damnation settles down instead, and Softer sleeps well in its bed.

Sleep disturbed

The first red nightmare soft creeps in, stays awhile, leaves as din. A darker nightmare after follows, eats too slow, chews and swallows. The blackest nightmare comes at last, sees what’s left, moves on past. What’s left wakes up, lays back down. The nightmares gone, what’s left is sound.

The Last Spring Shower

When I was a child, I did as children do
I loved the whole world and it loved me, too
When I played in the field, Nature was my toy
And each new day exercised my joy
In those days, Man was my friend
I never thought that it would end

But then one day I saw it had
And saw I was no more a lad
And nowhere could a joy be found
And no friend could be seen around
So I cried out my last childish tears
And wept a dirge for wasted years

When those were gone, I dried my eyes
I knew a real man never cries
I knew I was not what I ought be
But I didn’t know what life had brought me
It’s said a real man can’t be so fettered
I know it’s said, but I know better

Ode to the Sun I

I praise thee Great Hyperion, gold titan in the sky
love thee Brave Hyperion, fie’ry beacon upon high
Thou givest the morning its splendor, and the day its light
At dusk thou art all beauty, and thine absence felt as night
Thou art lovely, holy, gentle, divine!
But when thou art angered, all vengeance be thine!
Though thou seeth me always and never doth err,
Perceived trespasses please pardon, avert thy fierce glare!
I cry out to thee begging my sins be forgot,
I hide from thy wrath, Lord! oppress me not!
Thou art Life-giver, Father, Protector, and Friend!
Those who despise thee, thou smolder and rend
love thee Lord Hyperion, body, heart, soul, and mind
I love thee fully, my Lord, so thou shalt love me in kind

A scene near the banks of the mental shore

I stare out across the tranquil sea, to gaze at an ocean filled with eternity. Quiet, serene, immutable at last, hear o hear! I am free of my past. Here at the bank of my mental shore, the inland once near is at once no more. The sands of sanity quickly depart and the heart of my mind joins the mind of my heart. I turn to look, I look to turn. I know that I want, and I want, no I yearn. Yes, for clarity of a spiritual sense, I yearn to make all this all make sense. A divine act, this sudden erosion. A revelation! A vision of an explosion! A mushroom cloud funeral pyre searing away my last childish desires. A fiery furnace burning with truth to melt away the last lies of my youth. There is no beach and there never was, my memory slipped as it often does. The earth’s always been as it is now.  Knee-deep in mud, I take a bow. The world’s as it is only inside my skull and when I stop thinking the world will turn dull


I remember

how he whined

and said I had no time

for him and that our problems were all my fault

I remember

how he’d smoke

and how my throat would choke

and the smell that clung to my hair when he was done

I remember

how he’d swear

about what “his whore” would wear

and say he’d give her something she could cry about

I remember

how he’d drink

and hit me because he’d think

the hickies on my neck were from someone else

I remember

how he cheated

with other girls that treated

him like a man and better than I ever could

I remember

all the breaks

and promises he makes

and how empty his words always are in the end

I remember

as we talk

I remember

and I grok

but then he smiles and somehow

I forget.

Love poetry

There’s something in me that wants love, I admit, but for whatever reason I haven’t found it. Perhaps I was born without love in mind, but love of the flesh is a love of a kind. Kindly loving I know I can’t do, but I could pretend, say sweet nothings and coo. I do. Will you? Marry me now, and let come what may, as long as we love it will all be okay. I’ll start loving you now, I swear I will. But first I need my little blue pill. Cough, ahem. Roll my eyes. Don’t give me that look or you’ll start to cry. Why? Not. I don’t really care. I can penetrate you with just a stiff stare. There. I’m in. It’s all going as planned. On your back or your knees, it’s all I can stand Okay, I’m done. Now wasn’t that fun? Quit complaining and swallow your tongue. Rape of rapture, freely captured, perhaps you’re ready to try something new? What to do. What indeed? I know what I lack, but what do I need? You my love. As I’ve always said, what you lack in the chest, you make up with your head.