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The streets run wet with piss & Christian charity

Sitting in downtown Renton,
looking out across the street
at a business not yet open,
at its doorway where
keeping out of drizzling rain
are two men and a woman.

She goes in-between two cars,
pulls down her sweatpants a bit,
and squats
to send a stream of steaming piss
into the gutter
to mix with some rainwater.

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Stouper Bowl & surroundings

——The drive to Ballard, & walk to brewery half as long.
‘My boyfriend in high school wouldnt have sex with me if Star Trek was on.’
——Super Bowl in Seattle. More dogs (3) than jerseys (2). And one
——is on a dog.
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Weak acid is a persistent chubby for yr whole existence.

‘It’s my birthday. Isnt it my birthday?’
——Bars exist to help give strangers a place to gather till they get
——just drunk enough not to care no one knows them.
‘I’m glad I got that off my chest,’ the scat fetishist said.
‘Whiskey neat is like [a novel]. It’s a process. There’s a beginning, a middle & an end.’
——A very cleansing poop, the soothsayer says.
‘It’s my birthdaaaaaay,’ she says, standing on the seat, cushioned.
——Ginger Falcon Punch to the face.
The brown-noser. The bookworm. The hippie.
——Weak acid is a persistent chubby for yr whole existence.
‘Nice sweater, bitch.’
——’You’re rad. Taste my weiner sauce.’
‘It’s my birthday in 11 — no, in 43 minutes.’
——It’s the power of art that someone often first relates their life
——events to some fictional happening.
Most of what happens to everyone else is fictitious, but so is
everything that happens to you.

The Vital 5 Review – A September drunk

——Stranger things have happened than It’s cute,
——a man ejaculating ants, you know. isn’t it?
If you cut him, he’d bleed money.’ This chemical response.
Psychedelic mayflies, bursting, soaring, withering,
 Art is an end to itself. Nothing ever ends.
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Back of an envelope, back of the bar

Science is a point of view
the same as any other but
it’s the only point of view
that’s predictive of the
circumstances of our collective
fantasy & that’s worthwhile
enough to justify itself if
anything does.

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Does the five second rule apply to Jesus?

I want to tell the truth unfettered.

‘It’s not what it starts as but it ends as,’ he laughs & nudges.
——We brace our teeth before they rot & crack. So too ourselves. I dont think; I am.
Adolescent male experience is conspiring to fool a boy into taking his dick out of his pants in the dark to jerk off alone on a cookie so that you can then turn the lights on & call him a faggot.
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And that was when I knew everything was done with

We leave turf for the day, and she’s upset because she wanted to make up for the shitty prior week on her birthday, and she didnt. But we have cupcakes for the bus ride to the first bar for her 21st birthday, and that’s something, innit?

On the bus, a fellow sees her sitting in the back next to me, wearing her party hat, asks about it. Asks if she & I are together.

‘We’re coworkers,’ I say, and nothing else. Because there’s nothing else to say.

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New Year’s memories drowned away

I went to her cousin’s house, warned not to make rape or pedophilia or incest jokes because she was raped as a child by her brothers.

I mistook the Mick, mohawked & mustachioed & hanging all over the Madonna as the cousin’s boyfriend. He wasnt.

There were flies in all of the liquor bottles, and these were therefore thot not to be good to drink, tho I would have still.

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In the end, my eyes were dry but my chin was wet

I was getting out of work after another long but OK day & I’d been told about that Connecticut thing & how 20 kids had died, but I hadnt had any time to really think or care about & anyway, it’s my job to tell people on the street that everday 19000 kids dont make it to their 5th birthday because of things like diarrhea & getting bit my a mosquito, so I didnt think it was or could be a very big deal.

And on the way to the bar, because that’s what I do, I was putting my iPhone back in my pocket but it missed & hit the uneven rocky part of the pavement & cracked the front screen in a half dozen places. And I said, ‘Fuck,’ and got upset, but continued to the bar because now I had a proximate excuse for my drinking, so I was weirdly happy.

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A woman’s brain is the sexiest moist region of her

The whole world is a miserable sick sad place but we can make it better by smiles & pennies.

——It hurts to fail always but to get close & taste in whiffs like Tantalus the success & still have the result is worst yet.

If I could feel as much for my fellow man as myself I may yet be redeemed.

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