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Piss in my bed, piss on my life

On a Friday, I lost my job & with it my healthcare.

On Monday, I learned that my longterm ex had been sleeping with my housemate, and that his infidelities in their relationship—and her complaints about him doing so as her direct superior—led to his firing & her continued mental breakdown.

On Wednesday, I learned my teeth are in need of much attention that will need dental coverage I probably can’t afford.

Thursday morning I awoke to find a sexual partner had drunk herself to excess & pissed herself in her asleep (again).

Thursday afternoon, a woman who’d just gotten out of a break-up let me know that when she wanted to hang out with me, she had no sexual interest implied.

Very little in this actually related. All of it feels like it is.

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The wisdom of teeth is only one thing.

Don’t even worry about it.
It sure ain’t worried about you.
—Nah, misery don’t love company.
—Misery love itself only.
Nothing in the universe love or hate you.
It just a busy place & everywhere a
thoroughfare with you standing a-middle.

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Does the five second rule apply to Jesus?

I want to tell the truth unfettered.

‘It’s not what it starts as but it ends as,’ he laughs & nudges.
——We brace our teeth before they rot & crack. So too ourselves. I dont think; I am.
Adolescent male experience is conspiring to fool a boy into taking his dick out of his pants in the dark to jerk off alone on a cookie so that you can then turn the lights on & call him a faggot.
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