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‘Some nights they cover the windows black’

I dropped Will off in Alpine, then headed for home. I traveled 4,000 miles and got pulled over for speeding during the last 100. They didn’t care about anything searching my car for drugs. Then they let me go.


I went to the Allsups at Grandfalls and found it covered with all manner of bug, but especially grasshoppers. I needed gasoline.

I paid in cash and told the clerk I was going to have a fun time filling up. She said, “Why?”

“Because of the grasshoppers.”

“Oh,” and she looked at me like I was crazy.

And of course the catch didn’t work on the nozzle, so I had to stand next to my car the whole time, right under the bright lights they all wanted instead of walking off to a less popular place until my car was full.

I walked into the bathroom and used the mirror to check my back. There were several things hanging on there.

I came out and asked the clerk if they’d had a lot of rain lately.

“No, it’s been like this all summer,” she said. “Some nights they cover the windows black and nobody even comes in.”

“So this is a good night?” I said. And she shrugged.

Ejaculating new into my eyes

And I wanted to watch her through the window, too see how she reacted when she found the tip we’d left, but I realized that would be cheating and tipping myself instead. So I turned away to give the money to her instead of me.
— [First notebook entry (in blue), re: Japantown, San Jose, Calif.]

We turned off Highway 101 on our way to San Francisco after driving north all day from Los Angeles. It was evening; the sun had dropped just to the right spot where you couldn’t see a goddamned thing at all, and being in unfamiliar territory and in a roadway so crowded with cars, I cowardly turned off at the first exit I saw, which eventually led me to a gas station to fill up again.  

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The other day I went to Austin for a vacation.

I hadn’t really planned on anything, but I’d requested the days because I knew I’d need a few off just to be somewhere else. I picked Austin because I knew a few people there, it’s a cool place, and it was far enough to get away from everyone here, but close enough to drive in a day.

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