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Words that taste

Synesthesia is a fun experience, or can be. Drugs draw it out. They help temporarily pull down barriers between senses or corrode the segregating walls so that later, a moment experienced several ways is understood in one shared way rather than by sensations committee.

Even when full & happy sober, the melding of perceptions strikes, and the one most common is taste & hearing, but language really. I don’t have the oral palette to appreciate much of anything, and yet somehow my brain is able to intake words it doesn’t fully understand or has heard used only rarely before but still grasps some of their provenance & texture and still able to love & enjoy words as if I’m rolling them around on my thoughts for pure pleasure.

Using ‘indolence’ instead of ‘being lazy’ makes a sentence feel massively more clever, more specific. The idiosyncrasies of connotations versus denotations—ah!

Good conversations are like meals that feed you just as well in the remembering of them.

My memory is a lash

——’I can still feel my face so
——I’ll take another double.’
It’s plenty to see green things
curl & unfurl in fractal ecstasy
——My beer hand wasnt as cold as
——my cigarette hand, somehow.
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Just words

Shout to the cloud bank and get the deposit slip back. Horseshoe hoof clover cross well-hung Jesus on the wide-brim ten-gallon backwards upside down trampled hat write on the line. Striped tie lipstick red rover come over steam roll the jelly bean. Broke his neck in twelve places but I suspended the pants with three hooks in the side pang part pick plot preach and reach for the star-unattainable even when in the bottom of the well tequila whiskey hickey fat gut butt not tonight.


Hutter hulu sulu kirk lurk work wallow in a trough or try or fail or sail the seas to hell and back and ear or weather the storm on a well-weathered rock. Whisper to the dragon that his scales keep falling off and are making a mess on the carpet and the ceiling. I got a feeling down in my groin that runs through my heart to my lips and down to the fingers and back again. | Swing on the wings of freedom.

All right.

Ruby red, plush rush blood cell to the immune system until it’s room temperature. Pork part snort snuggle. EYEBROW. LINER. OCEAN. PACIFIC. SPECIFIC.

That little curl squeezed around her thigh.

Just words.

All the fire is out. Pearls, swirls, whirls, world, Peter, Paul, james, Mary, fairy Godmother of Christ in heaven, theotokos.

Ache. I ache for you, Kay, my darling. I ache, I ache, I ache, achoo.

Fish fast mish mash

Fish fast mish mash

Lo and unsold, unbegotten prince of thieves, liars, and demigods. Hoodie should have taken longer to court the rose. Curve my ears into the shape of a circle twisted into angles.

Dangle low and so tantalizing! The zebra ate the fruit and turned all blue, which was weird because she ate a raspberry.

Zoey, whoa. Logistics. Gruel cruel, woody hurry closure closer closer eyes. Nose hose goes bozo the clown now aye bee see de flact hack shack lue—

Beatriz! Bong hit, switch pitch. Shig shag fagzilla.